So what does a Champion in behaviour and learning look like at Farndon? 

Dressed smartly, working hard and well behaved need not apply. That is our expected standard here at Farndon Primary School

To be a champion you have to be the best of the very best!

A Champion must go above ad beyond every session everyday. A Champion has to show that they always adhere to our 3 rules - Ready - Respect - Safe.

They have to regularly show our school values in class and outside including kindness, responsibility, perseverance, friendship and creativity. And above all, in all lessons, they must show good learning attitudes from our secrets to personal growth such as trying new things, working well with others, improving work from feedback, working hard, pushing themselves and concentrating.

Champion 15th September 2023: 

Adam from Ravens: We are so proud of you Adam. Incredible work in MfL, Art and Maths. Impeccable behaviour and smartly dressed. Wonderful manners when coming to the office with  adults making a comment on how polite you were and a whopping 39 dojos! 

Champion 22nd September 2023: 

Ronnie from Robins: A huge well done Ronnie. You have gone above and beyond all week! Your class teachers have told me that you have shown impeccable manners. So much so other adults in school have gone to your class teachers to say how polite and respectful you have been. You have shown a really good attitude in class in all week and you are a worthy Champion! Remember to wear your VIP pass next week as it will give you certain privileges. 


‘Unlocking the Potential’