Music Tuition

Learning an instrument in a quality assured environment as part of a community of musicians in school provides children with the opportunity to develop a truly life-enhancing skill and, crucially, study after study shows that learning a musical instrument, which simultaneously develops and draws on cognitive, affective, linguistic, listening, social and physical skills, makes a significant difference to all round attainment right across the curriculum at school.

We believe every child should have an opportunity to learn an instrument. In Year 5 we have the Wider Opportunities programme. Every child in Year 5 is given a strings instrument which can be taken home for them to practise. Every Tuesday, a music tutor comes in to work alongside our Music lead within the school to teach them how to play the instrument and read music. Each term we put on performances to the parents to show their progress in this subject.

For those wanting to learn an instrument in other year groups, we offer addtional lessons through the Music for Life programme who offer lessons in violin, guitar, flute, piano, brass or clarinet as well as other instruments. Throughout the year, performances are organised to the whole school and their parents.

If you are interested in your child learning how to play an instrument, follow this link below to find out more information, the cost and how to book.  MUSIC FOR LIFE

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‘Unlocking the Potential’