Pre-School Admissions

We have 20 places available in both the morning and afternoon sessions in the nursery age range.

A child is eligible for admission to Farndon Pre-School the term from their third birthday. The actual offer of a place will be dependent on places being available. Families are only eligible to claim their funding entitlement the term after they turn 3. Parents can however start at the Pre-School the term before but all hours used will be chargeable.

Parents who wish their child to attend the Pre-School must complete an ‘Expressions of Interest’ form detailing the sessions they would like their child to attend and ensure it reaches the school before the given deadline (this can be found at the back of the policy or obtained from the school office). The final decision as to whether and when a child is admitted, the number of hours a child is able to attend and their pattern of attendance, rests with the Head Teacher.


Timing of Applications and Admissions:

The Governing body and the Head teacher have the responsibility to ensure that the school achieves the maximum take-up of the places in Nursery. With full regard to our Admissions Policy, the following will apply.

  • All initial expressions of interest in a Pre School place should be made via the School Office. The child’s name, DOB and Parent contact details will be recorded in our ‘Expressions of Interest’ paper work and logged onto our system.
  • At intervals (explained in the table below) the school will contact all families who have registered an interest form to confirm whether they have a space within the Pre-School and their actual sessions.  


Nursery Term when sessions will start

Contact with parents


Expression of Interest Window: March - April

Contact to offer place made no later than End of May


Expression of interest window: July –  September

Contact to offer place made no later than End of October


Expression of Interest: December – January

Contact to offer place made no later than End of February


  • All expression of interest forms by the office will be dated on receipt.
  • Once the due date for applications for interest have passed, the Pre-School teacher will allocate the places with reference to the Admissions Policy.
  • Offers will then be forwarded to applicants who have been allocated places, within two weeks of the due date for return of registration applications will then confirm the place.

Parents should be aware that the offer of a place in the nursery class does not ensure a place in the Reception class at Farndon Primary School.  Normal admission procedures, as determined and managed by Cheshire West and Chester Borough Council will apply for admission into the Reception class.

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