House and Sports Captains

School House Point System

At Farndon each child belongs to a House: Sycamore, Beech, Willow and Maple. Each house relates to a colour. Throughout the week, the children earn Dojo Points which are awarded for the following things: Ready; Respectful; Safe; Kindness; Perseverance; Worked Hard.  On a Thursday, 2 House Captains from Year 6 count the Dojo points for each House and Class. The winning House is shared during Celebration Assembly. At the end of the term, all the House Points will be added to find the winning House for that term. 

There are also Class bonuses for the children to try to win. Each half term, the winning class with the most Dojo points are rewarded with a class bonus. Also, the Headteacher sets up "secret missions" where they look at a certain category such as kindness. The class with the most over the half term wins a class bonus.    

Team House Points  WINNERS for 2023 were BEECH!!!!!!

They won with an average score of 251. Very impressive. Well done to everyone in Beech

House captains

Roles and Responsibilities
· Act as an ambassador for the school both in and out.
· Develop pride and spirit in the school and within our respective houses.
· Be a model of good leadership and positive behaviour to the whole school community.
· Each week, collect the house points across the school which have been awarded to pupils for their effort in school.
· At the end of the year, the winning captains will represent and receive the school shield on behalf of their house team.

House Captains also meet with the Headteacher each term to share the work within the school and give a pupil voice to certain aspects of school life.

Farndon's Stars of the Week

Take the time to see who has been a Star this term at Farndon so far. Some of the children each week are given certificates for being "stars" in the classroom, which means they may well have done some wonderful work and behaved really well and done something special. Check out the winners each week on he school's News page. 



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