Sports Premium

At Farndon, we endeavour to provide a high quality physical education curriculum that encourages our pupils to live an active and healthy lifestyle both now and in their future adult lives. Our aim is to ensure as many pupils as possible have the opportunity to engage in sport each week and to engage in competitive sport whether that be intra sport across the school or with other schools across the county. This meets Article 15 for the Rights of the child which states every child has the right to meet with other children and to join groups, teams, clubs and other organisations.

We use some of our Sports Premium funding to pay for Premier Sports coaches to work with our pupils in their PE lessons and for our PE lead to teach the other classes; this means every child has a PE session with a PE specialist once a week. Premier Sports also help to prepare our teams for tournaments in lunch time clubs and on some lunch breaks they work with groups of infant children in Active clubs.

Premier Sports also offer 3 after school club sessions offering a breadth of sporting opportunities to both infants and juniors. The sports coaches provide a long term overview of the PE curriculum for all year groups and assess our pupils alongside teachers using a website portal.

Throughout the year we follow a competition pathway to motivate and inspire our children to take part in more competitive school sport. The Games are made up of three levels of activity: competition in schools, between other schools in our Broxton cluster, and finally at county/area level.

Intra-school are sporting competitions for all children in school through intra-school competitions. Using our existing house system all of the children will gain experience of competitive sport through end of term competitions during PE lessons, Sports Week and Sports Day.

For a detailed breakdown on how we spend our sports premium please click on the sports premium tab. Parents can also access our yearly calendar of sporting opportunities our children have experienced and how successful our teams have been.

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