At our school, we value the importance of effectively teaching the basic skills of spelling, reading and writing across the school.

We focus on our basic skills in the mornings. Infants begin the day with a pacy phonics session. Year 1 pupils continue the Read Write Inc programme that is started in Early Years. Year 2 pupils, once they have finsihed this programme, move on to the whole school spelling scheme. Junior pupils begin the day with a "SPAG" session which concentrates on grammar, punctiation and spelling.

In the morning, pupils also participate in a guided reading session. Teachers plan a cycle of activities and work with one group where the focus is on responding and comprehending a quality text.

In our English sessions, we concentrate on different genres that may link with the topic the children are studying. As they learn about each genre of writing, teachers build up the skills, introduce certain sentence types and model the writing process to ultimately build to a quality piece of writing.

Parents can access below the new formative assessment grids the school is now using now that we no longer assess against levels. Our assessments are now based on age realted expectations.

‘Unlocking the Potential’