School Council


Pupil Voice is extremely important to us as a School. Pupils on the Council have the opportunity to be involved in key decision making and are consulted in policy making and change across the school. This meets Article 3 from Rights of the child which expects the best interests of the child to be a top priority in all decisions and actions that affect children.

As part of our new look thematic Curriculum, before Teachers begin to plan, pupils are consulted and their ideas are recorded on the Medium Term Planning. Also, Senior teachers conduct Pupil Interviews as part of gathering Pupils' ideas on key aspects of the School; in particular the teaching and learning.

Also, we have a School Council who will be meeting reguarly with Miss Richards. There are 2 representitives from each class who have been voted in by their peers. There is a suggestions box which all children can use, which allows them a voice in any decisions or School Improvements. Each time time they meet, an agenda is drawn up and minutes are taken. The minutes can be accessed below.


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