School Tour

Our New School

Our school extension of 6 new classrooms is now finished. It includes a wide teaching street with a cookery and practical area.

New building

The Juniors are housed in the new 6 classroom block. There is a wide teaching street which allows for pupils to be taken out of class for support or intervention. In the centre, there is a practical area so that a whole class can come out and do art or technology. There is also an in built oven and induction hob so that our pupils can complete cooking assignments. 

Each of the 6 classrooms have CO2 sensors so that when the rooms get "stuffy" the roof windows can be opened using a control panel. All the classrooms have new flat screen plasmas and new furniture. 

Early Years

Recently, we have been lucky to have a complete refurbishment in our Early Years classrooms. 

Mrs Pomerantz and Mrs Kent are our teachers within Nursery. This classroom has been recently decorated. with new carpets, painted walls and ceiling.  They have their won dedicated outside space where they can explore in the sand and water or ride their bicycles around the track. There is a kitchenette area and so the pupils eat snack within the classroom. 

Our Reception classrooms are next door to each other and there is a double door, meaning the pupils can access both rooms. Both rooms have been decorated and have brand new furniture and in Easter 2019 they will have brand new flat plasma screens. There is also a new outside space for the Reception classrooms. It is a sensory area which includes a rope climb, a beach, water play, a mud kitchen and a stage area for the pupils to act out their stories.There are also natural planters for the pupils to learn about growing their own plants and looking after them. 

School Halls

We have a large main hall. It has recently had a new floor and decoration. Within the hall, we hold whole school assemblies and the pupils also come into here for their lunch. Obviously, it also used for indoor PE sessions. 

Since the building work, we now have a studio hall. This space is ideal for before and after school clubs. On Tuesday's we hold parent fitness sessions such as boxcercise. We also have karate, judo, tae-kwon-do, drama and computing clubs. 

Music Room

We have a music room. In here, pupils come to learn how to play their musical instruments. Our children learn how to play the piano, violin, guitar and brass instruments. It is a great space to ensure we truly value music tuition. 


We have a school library. In the mornings, it is used for breakfast club where pupils come before school starts and enjoy a piece of toast or cereal. 

This will be our next project. We plan to develop this area with soft seating, display cases, rugs and cushions. We want it to be an area that truly promotes the joy and pleasure of reading. 


We have been lucky enough to have our playgrounds extended. We now have ample space for the children to play. We have an outside classroom and a pond area with decking to allow the pupils to do pond dipping and  go on minibeast hunts. 

We plan to zone areas for different purposes. The left playground is a ball area including a 5 - a - side pitch and netball court and a 4 way ball shooter. Between the two buildings is a quiet area with benches for pupils to sit and relax and chat with their friends. On the other playground there are  playground markings for active play such as a target throw and snakes and ladders. To encourage children to lead a healthy lifestyle, a suite of gym equipment has been installed.  

At the back of the school, there is a Golden Mile track. Pupils are encouraged to run on the track each day, which is then recorded on the school's PE portal. 

Infant Classrooms

The Infant classrooms are situated in the original school building. In Sept 2018, our new build and refurbishments were completed and the Year 1 classroom had a complete overhaul. 

The Year 1 classroom has benefited from a lick of paint, new roof and carpet and at Easter it will also have a new flat screen plasma - as will Year 2. Year 2 has nice new blinds and will be painted in Easter 2019. 

‘Unlocking the Potential’