Pupil Zone

Welcome to our pupil zone! On these pages you can find out about all the work some of our pupils are carrying out across the school. Through these key roles across the school, we meet Article 12 for the Rights of the child which states every child has the right to express their views, feelings and wishes in all matters affecting them.

We have a pro-active School Council. Representatives are voted in by their class mates. This forms part of our work on British Values and democracy. In May, we hold a general election for the whole school. Year 5 pupils are assigned to different "political" parties: Tomorrow Party, Progress Party, Transform Party and Vision Party. Each party has a leader and they campaign around school and then each pupil has the chance to vote. The winning party is the one who wins the most seats (or to be more specific - the most classes) and their party leader becomes the new Chair of the School Council.

We also plan to have Digital Leaders. Their role in school is to promote on-line safety across the school and to the community. They share their work on web pages and also share the work of the school through their blog.

Our Year 5 pupils are trained as playground leaders. After their training, they sign a Playground Leader Promise and help our younger pupils to engage in a range of games and activities during playtimes. They are also a point of contact for pupils who feel sad or if they have any problems at playtime.

We also have Junior Road Safety Officers who work very hard within the school to promote how to keep safe on our roads.

Click on their pages to find out more on their roles and what they do in school.

‘Unlocking the Potential’