Anti Bullying Ambassadors

Farndon Primary School participates in the Anti-Bulling Ambassadors programme, which is part of the charity The Diana Award.

We expect our children to follow our core school values of kindness and respect. However, we recognise that sometimes children can be unkind to each other and in some rare cases this can lead to bullying. The Anti-Bullying Ambassadors programme provides our children with the opportunity to work together to raise awareness and offer support to combat bullying.

Anti-Bullying Ambassadors (ABAs) help educate their peers on bullying, lead on anti-bullying campaigns, promote a culture which celebrates and tolerates difference and help keep their peers safe both online and offline.

Our ABAs meet regularly – about once a month – to discuss ways in which to promote the programme and share ideas about how to offer support to the children who may require it.

Job Description 

To become one of our ABAs children should demonstrate the following:

  • They are passionate and committed about stopping bullying in our school
  • They know what bullying is and what type of behaviour is and isn’t bullying
  • They work with their peers and staff to stop bullying in our school
  • They are someone who is kind, empathetic, a good listener and supports their peers
  • They help to run days in our school that raise awareness of bullying and promote kindness
  • They celebrate the things that make you and others special and unique
  • They keep everyone up to date with all of the brilliant Anti-Bullying work the school does.

Meet the Team

Taylor Pritchard: Taylor is on the school council. He is in Year 6 and in Kingfisher class. 

Allegra Russell-Wynn: Allegra has been elected on the school council and is in Kestrels. 

Felix Moulding: Felix is a science genius! He is in Kestrels and in Year 6. 


November 2023: 

The Anti Bullying Ambassadors introduced themselves and announced "Odd Socks Day". They shared the importance of the day as it is a celebration of our differences and that it is okay to be different. We should embrace our differences and learn from each other. 

Their second assembly to review the work of No Outsiders in School and to share the message and theme for Anti Bullying Week 2023. Their assembly focused on "Making a Noise about bullying". They explained to all the children how they can make a noise. They can be an upstander rather than a bystander and go and get help. They can also tell a friend or a trusted adult if they are having a difficult time. 

February 2024: 

The Anti Bullying Ambassadors created a presentation for all classes across school for Safer Internet Day. They shared the key message of "Together for a Safer Internet" and showed the official video. They stressed the importance of being kind when online. 


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