Farndon Newspaper

The FPS News crew produce a school newspaper researched and produced by the pupils for 'childrens' eyes only'!

The school newspaper club is run by children from Years 6 and meets with Mrs Barnes throughout the term. FPS News contains stories, current school news items, book reviews, competitions, puzzles and interviews with pupils, staff and parents.

The newspaper comes out every term and provides an exciting insight into life at our school from a Pupil's perspective. Previous editions have had interviews with the architect of the new build, sports reviews and information on keeping safe on-line. 

Roles and Responsibilities

  • To attend meetings each term to decide on features for each edition.
  • To organise termly competitions and puzzles in each of their editions to encourage pupil participation.
  • To share wheir work online and in school assemblies.
  • Publicise the work of the school and its community through their newspaper

Check out some of our past editions and pod casts on local, national and global events. 

Files to Download

The FPS 1 - Builder Report.mp3 Emily - Palm Oil.mp3 Hannah - Plastic in the Oceans.mp3 Isabel - David Attenbrough.mp3 Issue 10 - Ava - Coltan Mining.mp3 Issue 10 - Olivia - Shred It 'n' Bed It.mp3
‘Unlocking the Potential’