High School Admission

At Farndon, we are considered a partner school for Bishop Heber High School. What this means is that in their Admissions policy Parents out of catchment, but attending Farndon Primary are the fifith criteria on the High School's Admission Policy

1) Looked after child

2) Medical or social reasons

3) Children of staff

4) Siblings in the school

5) Attending feeder school and out of catchment

6) Catchment Area

7) Students living nearest school geographically

To apply for a High School, the easiest way is to apply on line. Click here

Or phone 0300 123 7039 for paper applications. Closing dates for applications are always 31st October. Being a partner school means that we enjoy a good relationship with the High School. We attend many sporting tournaments at the High School, participate in their yearly Arts festival and partake in various transition days. Also, we work with the High School when organising further intake sessions with pupils who are in receipt of pupil premium

Click on the icon below which will take you to the main school website.

We also enjoy close links with Abbey Gate college and support parents and pupils when choosing to apply to this school. Click on the icon which take you to their main website.

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