Our School Curriculum

A thematic and creative curriculum; unlocking the potential

"Pupils behave very well in class. They like to be challenged and engage fully in their learning. The school's curriculum extends beyond developing the pupils academically. They visit local places of interest such as Beeston Castle and Chester. Pupils enjoy field trips in Farndon. They appreciate art and enjoy visiting galleries and museums. These experiences bring learning to life." OFSTED 2020

At Farndon, we follow the National Curriculum. To access the curriculum click here: New Curriculum

But what do our parents think? When asked, one parent said, "My child continues to thrive, making good progress and generally doing well in all aspects of school. His love of learning and happiness is repeated everyday and he never fails to amaze us with his growing knowledge. Huge credit to the teachers and all those involved – thank you!"

We aim to deliver an exciting and vibrant curriculum that is thematic and taught through a book centred topic approach, providing high quality learning opportunities for all. We believe that this will inspire a love of learning and unlock the potential that lies within all of our children. In the Delivery of our curriculum we aim to GET...SET...GO!

G: Global learning elements are exploited in topics at least once a year, enhancing our SMSC curriculum. 

E: Enhancement opportunities will be planned in each term including trips / visitors / themed days

T: Texts that are quality are at the very heart of each of our topics that cover the curriculum. 

S: Sticky facts are at the centre of our learning. We aim to ensure our pupils know more and remember more. 

E: Exhibition of our work through Twitter, Website, Book Walks and Exhibitions to Parents. 

T: Thematic approach; giving the learning a sense of purpose so to engage each pupil. 

G: Good deeds - in each year pupils partake in some kind of charity work or fundraising 

O: One Community- in each year, pupils are involved in work within our own village


We  work in teams: EYFS, Infants (Milestone 1), Lower Juniors (Milestone 2) and Upper Juniors (Milestone 3).

Each team plans the same topic, but when planning, teachers adapt tasks to suit the needs of the pupils in their class. Because of this, we have a 2 year rolling programme of topics. Parents can access this programme in the Curriculum Policy.

Before each topic, teachers brainstorm with the pupils things they would like to learn within the topic and this "pupil voice" is recorded on the planning. Teachers also plan enhancement and enrichment opportunities which may include guest speakers, trips or themed days and this is evdienced in the class WOW books. 

Each term, Parents can access planning for each topic on the class page under the planning tab.

For our Foundation subjects, we follow the Chris Quigley Essentials skills. These are put into Milestones. Year 1 and 2 (Milestone 1), Year 3 and 4 (Milestone 2) and Year 5 and 6 (Milestone 3). We teach the key vocabulary, knowledge and skills in a thematic way and the work is collated in a study book for each pupil. Science and RE has a separate book and the build up of skills in the art is captured in the sketch book. Our pupils take great pride in their books, showing their positive attitudes to their learning.

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‘Unlocking the Potential’