Our School

Welcome to Farndon

May I take this opportunity to warmly welcome you to Farndon Primary School.

The staff, governors, parents and pupils are extremely proud of our school and the way that everyone works together to make it a happy place to work and learn. We believe that education should be an exciting journey and our aim is that every child leaves our school with a love of learning that will remain with them throughout their lives.

As a school we have a strong philosophy and we teach with a thematic approach with a book at the centre of the topic. We believe that as well as promoting quality texts and authors, it also gives every piece of work a sense of purpose. Our children take great pride in their topic work and our thematic approach enhances the teaching and learning in the Foundation subjects.

This website is intended to help you familiarise yourself with the values and routines of school life, but a visit to the school gives you the opportunity to see these in action. I encourage you to make an appointment and come and see and feel for yourself the nurturing and inspirational ethos we have developed.


Kind regards

Headteacher: Andrew Walker

‘Unlocking the Potential’