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Healthy Teeth; healthy me

Recent research suggests that tooth decay and extractions are on the rise. We must do all we can to ensure our children have good dental hygiene and a winning smile!

At meal times, our menus have reduced amounts of sugar Tuesday and Thursday are "juice free" days. Also, on either Tuesday or Thursday we have "sugar swap" days so sweet cakes or biscuits are not available. Water and milk are available at all times and drinking these are encouraged. As part of our curriculum in science, we teach our children the importance of good dental hygiene and how to effectively look after their teeth.

We are looking at supporting the GULP challenge - GIVE UP LOVING POP! Click on the icon to find out more. 

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Top Tips for Parents:

- Brush teeth twice a day: once after breakfast and once before bed.

- Encourage children to spit out rather than rinse.

- Avoid sugary snacks between meals

- Supervise whilst brushing until they are at least 8 years old.

- Teach how to brush properly by guiding their hands.

- Make it fun! Use egg timers / countdowns / illuminating brushes.

- Regulary visit the dentist and make it a positive experience.

- Drink water or milk; avoid fizzy drinks or juices.

For more help and guidance or for more information on the "Make a meal of it" campaign, click on these links below.

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