SEND Assessment

What are PIVATs?

  • PIVATs stands for Performance Indicators for Valued Assessment and Targetted Learning.
  • They are useful for: Tracking pupil progress as well as achievement and for setting clear targets
  • It is a tool for the Assessment for Learning, performance and monitoring and effective target setting for pupils well below national expectations for their age.

Using PIVATs to narrow the gap

  • When assessing attainment, tracking and setting learning targets for pupils whose performance lies outside national expectations, certain principles underpin our process.
  • Through our work using PIVATs to assess and set personal targets, we aim to narrow or close the gaps between those pupils whose needs are additional to or different from other learners in the same year. In order to do this, teachers are secure in their assessments of these pupils and then identify and address any gaps in pupils’ knowledge and understanding.
  • The main aim is to “add value” and be able to demonstrate each pupil’s progress that they have made at their cognitive ability.

What PIVATs will do

  • Enables our teachers to assess pupils working below ARE in Reading, Writing and Maths.
  • Provides a link between the P scale and the new NC with a “bridge” of performance indicators in R,W and M.
  • Supports our teachers in the planning of next steps for pupils working below the level of their age related curriculum.
  • Enables our teachers to assign a numerical score which ties in to the small steps of progress.
  • Supports in Effective feedback to parents, using consistent terminology on their child’s progress.
  • Allows an approach that will be consistent within school and supports the SEND leader to moderate with staff.

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