Sports Day

Lesson: Physical education

The sun was out for our Sports Day with both the Juniors and the Infants. 

In the Juniors, there were some wonderful performances! Callista, in Year 6, was amazing, coming in first for the sprint. Polly, in Year 4, and Zara, in Year 5, continued their dominance in the track events such as sprint and longer distance. With bronze in the sprint, Allegra wanted to prove a point in the 200m and raced to win gold. For the boys, Harvey was once again dominant on the track and Sam managed to win the sprint once again. All the children got to enjoy track events such as egg and spoon, sack, sprint and other more "creative" events like bat and ball balanced on the head, obstacle and rugby ball between the legs - Patrick's technique for this was brilliant and deserved gold! 

But it wasn't just all about the track. We also had field events. We thought the discus might be a little bit risky as a few might end up in the parents' pen. So it ws shot putt, target throw and even wellie wangling! Joseph, in Yeaar 6, excelled with welly in his hand; he managed to clear the hedge for it to land in somone's garden! For every top three finish, the children earned points for their house. It could not have been tighter! Winning the Juniors by just 4 points were Sycamore with 304 points. 

There was even time for a parents' race! Mrs Morait just edged the win. But there was drama in the dad race. Mr Walker was still injured, so his son, Daniel, took his place. And even Mr Bond took to the start line. Racing in 3rd, Mr Bond suffered a tragedy! He fell heavily, allowing Mr James to win with Daniel Walker a close second. But the children insisted that Mr Bond finished the race! Some Year 5 boys helped him down the track in a touching scene. 

In the afternoon, it was the turn of the Infants. Each class went on a rotation and competed in sprint and sack on the track. They also got to do egg and spoon and javelin. Their attitude was amazing throughout the whole afternoon. They cheered on all their class mates and gave it their all. There were a lot of hats or PE tops full with Gold, Silver and Bronze stickers. 

And so to the scores.....

It was all swapped around this time with Sycamore second and Maple first for Key Sage 1. But who had the most points over all? 

With an impressive 456 points Maple came out as the winners of the Farndon Sports Day 2024 Trophy. Very well done to all of our athletes. 


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