Heber Science Fair

Lesson: Science

On Monday, it was the turn of our Scientists to shine! It was the Heber Science Fair, where children from all around the local area present their science projects. And their were several projects from our Farndon pupils. 

In Year 3, Oscar has always had a passion for Dinosaurs. So it was no surprise that he did a project on fossils. He made a model which showed all the layers of sediment to explain how a fossil is formed. He also had lots of research on the different dinosaurs and where you might find different types of fossils. 

In Year 4, Edith did a very interesting presentation on our solar system and all the different planets - she even made her very own model of an orrery.

In Year 5, Farrah did a fascinating project on how best to preserve an apple. She had a control element and then placed the same sized piece of apple in different places cush as ice, honey and salt.  Who hasn't picked up dropped food off the floor and ate it because of the "5 second rule". Scout and Eliza carried out a very thorough investigation where they swabbed the food onto an agar plate to influence the growth of any bacteria that might be on the food. 

Tilly and Alaiya, in Year 6, shared their interesting presentation on how to form crytals and Felix presented all about how different fossils are formed - he even had his own one that he had found in Farndon. Alex and Isaac were time travellers! They shared there detailed research on how time travel could be feasible - I even learnt something with information on the Grandfather Paradox. 

Finally, Patrick, Henry and Alfie came equipped with their laptop and they showcased their work on stop go animation. Using their lego, they created their very own mini movie. This was a particular highlight of mine and it had nothing to do with me acing their quiz and winning the haribo sweets. 

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