Here you can access the overview for our topics which are a starting point for the learning in EYFS.

In EYFS, a lot of the learning is led by the children and as a result, our planning will change to reflect the children's interests as the term goes on.

During the Spring term we will be reading, and linking lots of our learning to the following stories:

Katie and the starry night  - learning about the famous artist, Van Gogh, and creating paintings using his work as a stimulus

One Snowy Night - Thinking about how we can help look after native wild animals during the colder weather

Owl Babies - Learning about nocturnal animals and taking part in the Big Garden Birdwatch

Lost and Found - thinking about kindness and friendships, Valentines, taking part in Mental Health Week 'Growing Together'

We will also be learning about the celebration of Chinese New Year.




‘Unlocking the Potential’