Our exciting topic for the Spring Term is - Fire; Fire!

In History, we will be studying a major historical event beyond our iving memory - The Great Fire of London! Our pupils will learn about where and when the fire started and why it spread so quickly, causing such destruction. Their Geography work will focus on our capital city - London. Pupils will learn about the major differences between our village and a large city. We will also focus on locational knowledge and learn about the British Isles and each of the countries. 

In Design and Technology, the pupils will be tasked with designing a winding mechanism that can be used to pull up buckets of water that can be used to put out the flames in the Great Fire. They will investigate how to attach a winding drum on a turning axle. For Art, our pupils will study the work of Ann Bridges and learn about different printing techniques. Using relief printing, they will create their own dramatic scene of the Fire of London.  

In Science, our pupils will learn all about the properties of different materials. They will be able to identify and name a variety of different materials, comment on their use that related to their properties and compare and contract them. This will help in their historical enquiry as to why the fire spread so quickly.  In Computing, the children will use our scheme - the NCCE - and work on coding to create their own moving robot and they will also learn how to organise and display data through grids, charts and graphs. 


‘Unlocking the Potential’