Our topic in the Summer Term is Gods and Mortals

This topic will primarily a History topic where they learn all about the Ancient Greeks and how they have influenced life in the world in which we live today. Their studies will begin with the birth of democracy and the Athenians. Then, they will study what life was like for the Spartans and how they were so very different from the Athenians. As well as learning about their daily lives, they will also find out about their reliogion and beliefs and the ancient Olympic games. 

In Geography, they will learn about the weather in the mediterranean and how it compares to where we live. They will learn about how this climate and the country of Greece is an ideal for tourism. 

In art, there studies will focus on tone and how to create light and shade with pencil. This will be used to sketch and draw their own Greek columns: Ionic, Doric and Corinthian. In Design and Technology, they will design and make their own Greek Mythical monster - complete with moving parts, using a pneumatic system. 

For Computing, the children will learn about desktop publishing to create their own mythical leagend. And for coding and programming they will make their own ancient greek athlete complete in the Olympic games! In PE, they will also learn about the modern Olympics and learn about the different Athletic disciplines such as sprinting, hurdling, long distance running, shot put and javelin. 

In Science, the focus will be on the life of plants. Children will learn about the needs of a plant to help it grow and also about how they reproduce by creating new seeds and then how these are effectively dispersed. 



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