EYFS and Yr 1 Phonics

As our children start their learning journey in the Early Years, there is so much to learn! The first thing pupils will learn is the individual letter sounds. Once they have cracked these, they will then learn to blend them together to make simple words (CVC words such as c - a - t ). But it doesn't stop there. In Reception and Year 1, they begin to look at more tricky phonemes where 2 letters make 1 sound (such as ai  r - ai - n). Alongside this, pupils also need to learn high frequency words; or as we call them red words.

Each Autumn term, our staff lead a parent talk on our phonics curriculum as there are certain ways that each individual letter sound must be pronounced - our last talk was 21st October. Below, parents can access the content from the course. The video link shows the actual sounds for each letter that can be reinforced at home. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask our staff.

Click Here for video link for all the sounds: Sound pronunciation

Click here for free phonic games: Phonics Play

For more information on Year 1 phonics test see the Class 1 page and click phonics screening


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