Our First Champion

One change to the school's behaviour policy is for Star of the Week certifcates to be given by staff in the classroom. That means in the assembly on Friday I give out just 1 award! This is where we find our Champion! 

So what does a Champion in behaviour and learning look like at Farndon? 

Dressed smartly, working hard and well behaved need not apply. That is our expected standard. To be a champion, you have to go above ad beyond every session everyday. A champion has to show that they always adhere to our 3 rules - Ready - Respect - Safe. They have to regularly show our school values of kindness, responsibility, perseverance, friendship and creativity. And above all, in all lessons, they must show good learning attitudes from our secrets to personal growth such as trying new things, working well with others, improving work from feedback, working hard, pushing themselves and concentrating. 

There were 3 nominations this week, but there can only be one winner! 

And the winner - for showing a fantastic attitude towards his learning in all lessons including Mfl, Art and Maths in particular and for following the new 3 step routines to the letter all week and for amassing an impressive 39 dojos in just one week (the most in his class), the award goes to .......

ADAM in Ravens class. 

Adam will now enjoy VIP privileges throughout next week. The trophy will stay on his desk; he can go to the front of the line; won't have to queue for snack and many more. Not only that, but he will also be invited to a special Champions breakfast in the last week of half term with Mr Walker. Well done Adam. 

Will we have a new Champon next week? It could be you.........

‘Unlocking the Potential’