Citizens of the Year

It is that time of Year again in the Summer Term, when our Safety Officers and Anti Bullying Ambassadors launch their search for Citizen of the Year!

Each pupil gets to vote for their Citizen of the Year within their own class. When voting, they have to think how their actions throughout the whole year have upheld the school's rules of Ready; Respect; Safe and our learning attitudes within class. 

Teachers encouraged the pupils to think about the following when voting. Are they kind to others? Are they friendly in class and around school? Do they behave sensibly, keeping themselves and others safe? Are they respectful to others and empathetic? In their learning, do they concentrate, push themselves and persevere when something is a challenge? Do they work well with others, listen and act on advice when improving their work? But above all, throughout the whole year, has their conduct been befitting of a pupil at Farndon Primary School? 

In Friday's assembly, we announced the winners in each class, where each Citizen of the Year were awarded with a special certificate. 

Ladybirds: Annie Edney

Caterpillars: Ivy Jones

Foxes: Jessica Milner

Squirrels: Anna Antrobus

Hedgehogs: Hattie Cooke

Robins: Leo Hocking (second year in a row)

Ravens: Eloise McGrath

Wrens: Freya Frost

Owls: Joseph Fenby

Kingishers: Alaiyah O'Hara

Kestrels: Abi Morait

‘Unlocking the Potential’