Chester Schools Cross Country

Well Monday brought the end to the Cross Country season and what a year it has been for Farndon. And in this team event, we were hoping for a few more trophies! 

Basically, each team has 3 runners who are point scorers and their finishing place dictates what points they earn for the team. For example, if they finish 5th they get 5 points. The team with the lowest score wins! 

The first race was Year 3 and 4 girls and what a race it was for Farndon!. Polly was pipped on the line for a personal bronze medal but came 4th. And Flo, in Year 3, ran an incredible race, finishing 7th. And in her first cross country race Sienna gave us our third top 10 finish. Evelyn came in the early 40s, but with 3 in the top 10, a team medal looks highly likely. For the boys, sadly we lost Blake to illness, but our other 3 athletes gave it their all. Henry did so will to come home in the top 5. Jonah and Oscar ran the second lap of their lives, overtaking countless runners to finish 14th and 17th. An outside shot of a team medal - fingers crossed. 

In Year 5 and 6, our girls team was down 2 runners, but Tilly bravely stepped up and took part. Zara was back to her very best with a 6th place and Mollie was snapping at her heels in 8th. Bearing in mind there were up to 60 runners, Tilly did so well to finish 30th. Again, another outside shot at a medal perhaps. Finally, our boys had mixed fortunes. It was tough conditions as the course was now very muddy. Thomas ran so well and was in 3rd up until the very end, and finished 5th. His brother Ben was sadly tripped, but he bounced back up and finished the race as did Harvey; conditions had worsened so much that several runners pulled out and didn't finish. 

So watch this space to see if we a lucky enough to win any Team trophies. Fingers crossed!

‘Unlocking the Potential’