Our French adventure in Carcassonne

Date: 8th Oct 2016 @ 5:52pm

Friday: We arrived at the airport in Carcassonne, collected our cases and made our way to the hotel.  We immediately went to the old city to complete our first task and have an evening meal.

Saturday: A continental breakfast was followed by three hours of French lessons before lunch. During the afternoon, we started to plan for our main task and presentation of the week.  However, we still managed to fit in coffee and ice creams 😎 We are now looking forward to tomorrow when we will be meeting the head teacher of the school we are visiting on Monday.

Sunday: Started the morning with a lovely walk on a beautiful sunny day to Canal du Midi, but we were distracted by the roar of car engines. We had arrived at a car rally!!! Mr Bond was in his element. Couldn't see all the cars head off as we had to go back to the hotel for lessons on a Sunday.!!!! Off at 3pm to meet the headteacher of our French school.

The French lessons taught by Emmanuelle and Anne - Marie have been so good. We now have a wealth of verbs, which we can congugate, conversation, a wide vocabulary and many fantastic games suitable for the all ages. Whilst wondering around Carcassonne, we have been practising what we have learned.

The French lessons every morning have been so helpful and our visit to the school was amazing.  It was really good to see the similarities and differences between our school and l'ecole Fabre in the centre of Toulouse.   Spending time with the head teacher in his home was a great experience as well.  Our hope is that the link between his school and ours is developed over the coming months. 

Toulouse is an amazing city with a wealth of history.There was a variety of buildings and architecture from the middle ages to the present day with accompanying stories. 

Friday 14th 

Homeward bound today.  We have met some amazing people and seen some fantastic places and learnt so much. As much as we have loved France, we are looking forward to seeing our own families again and telling everyone in school about our time away.


‘Unlocking the Potential’