Modern Foreign Language

Modern Foreign Language Statement of Intent

The core language taught at Farndon Primary School is French. Our planning is based on the Catherine Cheater scheme and provides the subject's intent. Units are planned each term. To support in the implementation, our knowledge mat includes key vocab and phrases that are to be learnt in the pupils' long term memory It is the intention that all children in KS2 will access first quality teaching of French in order to adequately prepare them for KS3.


Aims of Modern Foreign Language

The national curriculum for Mfl and our progression of skills within each milestone aims to ensure that all pupils:

  • To develop an interest in learning other languages.
  • To introduce young children to another language in a way that is enjoyable and stimulating.
  • To encourage children’s confidence and creative skills.
  • To stimulate and encourage children’s curiosity about language.
  • To read fluently and understand the main points and some of the detail in short written texts.
  • To write imaginatively short texts on familiar topics and use knowledge of grammar to enhance or change the meaning of phrases.
  • To speak confidently: understand the main points in spoken language, give short talks and take part in conversations.
  • To understand a different culture and help children develop their awareness of cultural differences in other countries to our won.

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