Our School Curriculum

A thematic and creative curriculum; unlocking the potential

In September 2014, a new curriculum came into force across the country. At Farndon, we saw this as an opportunity to overhaul the themes that we teach. To access the curriculum click here: New Curriculum

We aim to deliver an exciting and vibrant curriculum that is thematic and taught through a book centred topic approach, providing high quality learning opportunities for all. We believe that this will inspire a love of learning and unlock the potential that lies within all of our children.

We now work in teams: EYFS, Infants, Lower Juniors and Upper Juniors.

Each team plans the same topic, but when planning, teachers adapt tasks to suit the needs of the pupils in their class. Because of this, we have a 2 year rolling programme of topics. Parents can access this programme in the Curriculum Policy.

Before each topic, teachers brainstorm with the pupils things they would like to learn within the topic and this "pupil voice" is recorded on the planning. Teachers also plan enhancement and enrichment opportunities which may include guest speakers, trips or themed days. Any work that links to the topic in the different areas of the curriculum is presented in a creative way in a topic book. Obviously, where there is no link, the subject is taught discretely and recorded in their study book.

Each term, Parents can access planning for each topic on the class page under the planning tab.

For our Foundation subjects, we follow the Chris Quigley Essentials skills. These are put into Milestones. Year 1 and 2 (Milestone 1), Year 3 and 4 (Milestone 2) and Year 5 and 6 (Milestone 3). We teach these skills in a thematic way and some of the work is collated in a creative topic book for each pupil. Our pupils take great pride in their topic books, showing their positive attitudes to their learning.

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‘Unlocking the Potential’