School Day


School Hours 

Morning Teaching Session

8.45am-11.45am (Nursery) Children may stay all day including lunch.

8.55am-12.00pm (Reception & Infants) 

8.55am-12.20pm  Juniors

Afternoon Teaching Session

12.30pm-3.30pm (Nursery) Children may stay all day including lunch.

1.15pm – 3.30pm (Reception & Infants)

1.05pm – 3.30pm (Junior)


Infant teaching time per day    -    4 hours 20 minutes

Infant teaching time per week - 21 hours 40 minutes


Junior teaching time per day    -    4 hours 50 minutes

Junior teaching time per week -  24 hours10 minutes


Please ensure your child does not arrive at school before 8.45 a.m. as the school gate will be locked and there is no supervision on the playground until this time. Due to safeguarding, parents are not allowed onto the school playground before the start of the day. Two members of staff are there to greet your child and supervise any activities. We do run Breakfast Club 8.00am until 8.45am when pupils are taken either to the playground or nursery.

We welcome pupils coming to school on their scooters or bikes, but for health and safety reasons we ask that on arrival at school that pupils dismount and push them to the bike shed. Also, there are to be no ball games at the start and of the school day.  

If for any reason you are unable to meet your child at home time, please telephone us and let us know who will be meeting your child. This call will also enable us to allay any anxieties your child may be experiencing when Mum or Dad hasn't arrived. It may be possible for your child to be cared for at the ‘after school club’ FACE (Farndon After school Care Experience) from 3.30pm – 6.00pm each evening.

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