Meet the Staff

Parent voice, "The children absolutely love every aspect of school life and are thriving there. The staff genuinely care for the children meaning they feel happy and secure. Any concerns are dealt with effectively and efficiently, meaning parental worries are often short lived – well done Farndon."

Headteacher: Mr Andrew Walker                 

Deputy Headteacher: Mrs Wakefield and Year 6 Teacher

 (Kestrels) Year 6 Teacher: Mrs Wakefield and Mrs McCarthy 

 (Kingfishers) Year 5 / 6Teacher: Mrs Wyllor 

(Owls) Year 5 Teacher: Mrs Abbott                                  

(Wrens) Year 4 Teachers: Mr Bond  / Mrs Maclean

(Ravens) Year 3 / 4 Teacher: Miss Cooper                                 

(Robins) Year 3 Teacher: Mrs Hardwick / Mrs Hartwell Jones                  

(Hedgehogs) Year 2 Teachers: Mrs Cornforth / MrsPimparel               

(Squirrels) Year 1 / 2 Teacher: Miss Jarrett     

(Foxes) Year 1 Teacher: Mrs Axon                   

Reception Teachers: Mrs Bayley  / Miss Richards     

Reception Teacher: Mrs Chapman-Brown    

Nursery Teachers: Mrs Kent / Mrs Pomerantz                             

Teaching Assistants

Katherine Richards: Katherine works within the Upper Juniors. She is an ELKLAN trained specialist for speech and language.

Melissa Edmond: Melissa works in Early Years and is trained in early speech and langauge develoment. 

Paula Cook: Paula is our Teaching Assistant that works with children throughout Key Stage 1.

Lisa Brown: Lisa works in the Year 1 class and supports in the teaching of Literacy and Numeracy. She is our ELSA trained specialist which focuses on supporting pupils with additional social and emotional needs.

Ann Hughes: Ann works within classes across the Juniors and delivers several intervention programmes. Ann is our school's Family Liaison and has received training in supporting families within our school community.

Faye Mitchell: Faye works within Kingfisher class as a 1:1 Teaching Assistant

Beverley Waters: Beverley works in the Infants as a Teaching Assistant; she focuses in First Aid and medication. 

Kim Barnes: Kim is working within Owls class as a 1:1 Teaching Assistant. She leads on the school newspaper, gardening club and Junior Road Safety Officers.  

Emily Baker: Emily is a teaching assistant who is working within our Nursery stage. 

Rebecca Hillyer: Rebecca works in Foxes as a 1:1 Teaching Assistant. 

Amy Mellor: Works as a Teaching Assistant within Ravens class. 

Kelly-Ann Credidio: Works as a Teaching Assistant as a 1:1 Teaching Assistant 

Nikki Green: Works as a Teaching Assistant as a 1:1 Teaching Assistant 

Sarah Green: Works as a Teaching Assistant as a 1:1 Teaching Assistant 

Office Staff

Suzanne Knight: Suzanne the School Bursar.

Jill Diamond: Jill works in the School Office

Michael McCann: Site Manager


Midday Assistants

Diane Lowe: Midday Assistant

Hannah Gator: Midday Assistant

Nicola Green: Midday Supervisor 

Denise Parry: Midday Assistant




‘Unlocking the Potential’