So what does a Champion in behaviour and learning look like at Farndon? 

Dressed smartly, working hard and well behaved need not apply. That is our expected standard here at Farndon Primary School

To be a champion you have to be the best of the very best!

A Champion must go above ad beyond every session everyday. A Champion has to show that they always adhere to our 3 rules - Ready - Respect - Safe.

They have to regularly show our school values in class and outside including kindness, responsibility, perseverance, friendship and creativity. And above all, in all lessons, they must show good learning attitudes from our secrets to personal growth such as trying new things, working well with others, improving work from feedback, working hard, pushing themselves and concentrating.

Champion 15th September 2023

Adam from Ravens: We are so proud of you Adam. Incredible work in MfL, Art and Maths. Impeccable behaviour and smartly dressed. Wonderful manners when coming to the office with  adults making a comment on how polite you were and a whopping 39 dojos! 

Champion 22nd September 2023

Ronnie from Robins: A huge well done Ronnie. You have gone above and beyond all week! Your class teachers have told me that you have shown impeccable manners. So much so other adults in school have gone to your class teachers to say how polite and respectful you have been. You have shown a really good attitude in class in all week and you are a worthy Champion! Remember to wear your VIP pass next week as it will give you certain privileges. 

Champion 29th September 2023:

Ian in Wrens: His teachers we super proud of his work and attitude in class. Congratulations Ian. 

Champion 6th October

Ruta Panas: A true Champion in every sense! It is Ruta's last day with us after joining our school having come to the country from Ukraine. This Champions award isn't just for last week; it is her entire time here at Farndon Primary. Her attitude and behaviour has been outstanding. She has formed lasting, wonderful friendships and represented our school several times in different sporting events. We are of course pleased for her and her family to be able to go back home, but it goes without saying that we will all miss her in the classroom and in and around school. I wish Ruta and all her family all the best with their journey back home. And remember, wherever you are in the world, you will always be a Farndon pupil. 

Champion 13th October

It was Kestrels turn to celebrate a Champion. Katie was rewarded because of the way she has attacked Year 6 from the start. She is the first pupil to be nominated twice and on this occasion it was because of her empathy towards others and caring for new pupils settling into the school. She is truly an asset to her class and is an excellent role model to others. Enjoy your VIP status Katie. 

Champion 20th October

It was Kestrels turn again to celebrate a champion. Tilly was awarded VIP status because of her exemplary behaviour all week and her wonderful attitude to all of her school work!

Champion 27th October

The second champion within Ravens! Evelyn was awarded VIP status because throughout the whole of the term she has shown consistently high standards in both her behaviour and her learning. She is a fine example to all. 

Champion 10th November:

Our very first INFANTs Champion - Thomas Farrell. Well done Thomas. You were nominated by Mrs Cook and she said that you are so well behaved, always show good manners and try your best in all your lessons. But she was most impressed when she had a sore leg and you raced to get her a chair so she could sit down - without even being told. A true champion. I hope you enjoy your VIP status. 

Champion 17th November

Well it's like buses. We waited for weeks for an Infant champion and then two come along at once! From Squirrels class, Roman was awarded Champion status. He earned this as the adults in Year 2 said that he ALWAYS asks to help out, tidies away his own work space and then his peers without making a fuss. Once he has finished his maths, he voluntarily walks around the room, looking for others who need help. He shows them what to do and uses the maths equipment to help them to understand. Amazing Roman. You truly go above and beyond and you  are such a worthy champion. 

Champion 24th November

Back to the Juniors! Our winner this week was in Robins class and Lily Down recieved VIP status and is our Champion. She was given the award for constantly going above and beyond in her learning. She regularly is so interested and engaged in her learning, that she either does extra work at home in her own time or even writes about it in her journal. Well done Lily - not just a great week, but also a fantastic term so far. 

Champion 1st December

It's Kingfisher class again! Our Champion this week is Taylor Pritchard. He works as part of the assembly team on a Friday and is in charge of the nominations sheet. It strangley went missing this week (mainly as we didn't want him to see his name!). He was nominated as a champion because of his outstanding behaviour all term; his wonderful attitude in class each and every day; and also for being a fabulous School Councillor who offered to give up his own time after school to manage the jumper swap. He is the perfect role model to all our younger pupils and a credit to this school. 

‘Unlocking the Potential’