Parking at School

Car parking at the beginning and end of the school day is a problem at most primary schools. Children and parents arrive and depart in a relatively short period of time and this causes congestion. Some while ago, Governors enlarged the school car park and added a pedestrian access to segregate vehicles from those accessing the main entrance on foot.

For Breakfast Club we allow vehicles onto the school site up unitl 8:15am. Beyond this time we ask that only staff vehicles access the school car park. For FACE, we allow vehicles onto the school site to collect but only after 4:00pm.

For clubs after school, we ask parents do not use the school car park and to collect their children at the pupil entrance.

Safety within the site has improved, but considerable danger still exists outside the school gates.

There have been instances of:

  • cars entering the school site at peak times when children are arriving/leaving
  • cars stopping or parking on the restricted yellow marked areas outside the gate.
  • cars driving along pavements to get around congestion
  • periodic complaints from residents about drivers’ behaviour and vehicle obstruction.

So, please walk to school if you can. If you have to come by car, try to share trips with neighbours or friends, observe the traffic regulations and park properly  in the surrounding residential roads. The school has a duty of care to its neighbours. Parking on restricted areas or mounting the pavement is a traffic offence.

So please remember:

  • No parking outside or opposite the school gates
  • Not to park in the school car park to drop off in a morning or to collect at the end of the school day unless there is a safeguarding arrangement with the school.
  • No blocking the access of resident's driveways.
  • Respect our neighbours who live close to the school.

Please DO

  • Try to make these initiatives work for the benefit of Pupil Safety, local Residents and yourselves.
  • Leave plenty of time for your planned journey
  • Try to leave your car at home as much as possible and walk instead.

Consider cycling to/from school, even just occasionally, as an alternative to using the car. We provide Cycling Proficiency instruction to the new nationwide Bikeability Standard during the Autumn term each year to our year 6 pupils - cyclists make safer and more considerate drivers in later life!

Please DON'T

  • Rush to arrive just before or at school class opening times, give your children time to interact with their friends before school starts!
  • Be put off your walk to school by cold or wet weather, or even the threat of it!
  • Drive all the way to the school gate.
  • Stop on the Zig-Zag and double yellow line markings, park or drive on the pavements, double park or obstruct the residents' driveways.
If you have any comments about parking around the school or on our Parking Initiatives, please e-mail Mr Walker

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