COVID-19 Travel

Below is guidance issued by the Local Publich Health team regarding travel into school. 


Unless grandparents are part of a support bubble* they should maintain two metre social distancing where possible from their grandchildren.  One household is permitted to visit another household indoors in England (unless local restrictions apply), but two metre social distancing should be maintained.  It would be possible for childcare to be delivered before and after school in these circumstances if the grandchildren do not require any close contact as part of the childcare.  If grandparents are part of a support bubble they can provide childcare and transport to and from school without having to maintain two metre social distancing.

Active Travel

The Council are encouraging Active Travel for all pupils returning to school, with pupils encouraged to walk, cycle or scoot to school where feasible, particularly where they live within 3 miles of school.  It is possible for grandparents to supervise their grandchildren to participate in Active Travel whilst maintaining two metre social distancing on the journey to and from school.

Travelling by car

National guidance ‘Coronavirus (COVID-19): safer travel guidance for passengers’  advises you should try not to share a vehicle with those outside your support bubble. If there is no-one within the household who can take your child to school you need to, try to:

  • share the transport with the same people each time – this means only using one grandparent to undertake all the journeys rather than rotating
  • keep to small groups of people at any one time – so only one grandparent and the grandchildren from one household should travel in the car
  • open windows for ventilation
  • travel side by side or behind other people, rather than facing them, where seating arrangements allow
  • face away from each other
  • consider seating arrangements to maximise distance between people in the vehicle
  • clean your car between journeys using standard cleaning products - make sure you clean door handles and other areas that people may touch
  • ask the driver and passengers to wear a face covering

It is important that you advise the driver of any arrangements your child’s school has made for car drop-offs and pick-ups.  

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