Headteacher Weekly blog week beginning 5th September

Date: 10th Sep 2016 @ 6:23pm

It was good to be back after the 6 week summer break. All the pupils looked so smart in their new shoes and uniform. I was very impressed with our new pupils in Reception. They settled so quickly into class and Mrs Bayley and Mrs Edmond were thrilled with how well they have performed in their first week.

My first assembly of the new academic year focused on the Bible story of Zacchaeus. The meaning behind the story was that it is never to late to make changes for the better. No matter what things were like before you can make positve change and have a fresh start. I challenged the pupils to think what they may well change as they move into a new year group and what opportunities they may well taken advantage of.

In our other asembly we looked at the British value of the rule of law and linked with our school rules. To help the children identify why it is important to have rules I took some of the pupils on in some small games at  the front. I won every game - but I cheated and didn't follow the rules! Obviously, the children were not happy and said it was not fair. Using this, we then looked at the need for rules within school to ensure it is fair for everyone and to keep us all safe.

The week was dominated with the Year 6 residenital at Robinwood. I had the opportunity to join them for the first time and saw first hand what a great time they had. It was a joy to see them gel as a Year 6 and throughout the 3 days, staff watched them grow in independence and maturity. I thoroughly enjoyed the zip wire and canoeing. However, the raft building didn't quite go to plan as I ended up in the water! The children had a great time and will have some lasting memories I am sure. Now the hard work begins back in class on Monday!

‘Unlocking the Potential’