Headteacher weekly blog week beginning 20th March

Date: 26th Mar 2017 @ 10:55am

The perfect end to the week for myself. With a chance to win the league, we needed a win away at Hoole. We didn't play at our best but still managed to grind out a 3 - 2 victory. It wasn't the result that pleased me the most though - it was the attitudes of the children. Mistakes were made, missed chances throughout and we fell behind twice. However, what was so great to see was how the pupils never gave in, encouraged each other and were always positive in their approach. Well done guys - fingers crossed for the last match on Monday. 

Several staff this week came back from a bar method course for the teaching of maths and they were very excited!!! I went into a group session with Mr Bond withsome Yr 3 and 4 pupils and he was amazed as they solved tricky fraction problems using the bar. I used the bar method with myYr 6 group to solve fraction and ratio problems. The pupils loved it! It is certainly something we are looking to embed across the whole school. In the summer we hope to do a parent talk to show how the bar can be used. 

Miss Schofield and Mrs Cook have jetted off to France this week. We are looking forward to finding out how they are getting on. They plan to skype us and email the children. They will be working hard and getting lots of professional development on the teaching of modern foreign languages. Watch the web for the updates. The children in the Juniors have been enjoying their French lessons;Year 6 were even writing their own weather forecasts - in french!

As always, parents evening was well attended. Many thanks to those parents who took the trouble to complete a questionnaire. The results have been analysed and will be shared on the parent page and to Governors. Year 6 parents will have the opportunity to complete an exit questionnaire in the summer. I was pleased to see 100% of parents would recommend our school. 100% of parents either agreed or strongly for the vast majority of the points on the OFSTED form. The only area where there was a disagree was how well the school deals with bullying with 5% disagreeing. With the review of the policy on this, pupils can now report any issue of poor behaviour or bulling on their pupil page on the VLE and this then sends it directly to myself. Anything reported is dealth with swiftly. We also created a You tube sensation with our Year 5 anti bullying video which is now on our wesbite. I would encourage any pupils or parents where there are concerns, to raise them with the class teacher or myself so that it can be dealt with effecitvely. 

With Spring term coming to an end, it was time for our PTA Easter bingo. It was a great evening and I even won something for the first time ever. The PTA did a great job pulling it all together. However, I wasn't sure about the second set of bingo callers! Using PTA funds, the school has purchased further I-pads and the teachers and pupils can't wait to use them. 

The week ended with Comic Relief. The School Council worked hard to put on a Talent Show to help raise money. After auditions in the morning, we had the Live Show in the afternoon, hosted by Henry  (Year 6) and Sam (Year 3). It was great to see the children be so confident and perform in front of the whole school! There were some great acts that would have had Simon Cowell purring. There was singing, dancing, comedy and even some magicians. I still don't know how Roxie (Year 6) and Sam (Year 4) did their tricks- perhaps it was real magic!



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