Headteacher Weekly blog week beginning 11th July

Date: 16th Jul 2016 @ 12:21pm

No one can say that this week was a quiet week!

At the start of the week, the Reception children had a very busy day. They experienced Forest Schools and spent most of their day learning outside of the classroom. They went on bug hunts and even found some time for a bit of pond dipping. After the reading the Stick Man, they hunted for sticks and then made their own. Bringing the learning outside of the classroom makes it far more fun and engaging. They will certainly remember the story now.

A particular highlight was the Carnival Day in the Infants. Over these last 3 years, we have embraced the new curriculum and we take great pride of the topic books each child has created. However, as a school, we have looked at how we can enhance our topics even further. Rather than always doing a topic book, for some topics we will showcase a topic with a special day, assembly or show where parents are invited in to share in their child's work. It also is a chance to present the topic through different media such as acting, singing, dancing and art. The feedback from the parents was really positive, although some were not sure about having to get up and dance - we blame Mrs Pimparel for that one. The Infant teachers did a marvellous job and the masks and T-shirts looked wonderful.

This week was of course a big one for our Year 6 pupils as they were presenting their Leaver's Service. Everyone was holding it together until the song and then the video of them walking out of school and turning to wave goodbye really brought on the water works. Each child received their signature book from the PTA and a pen from school. The day ended with the traditional rounders match (where I scored my first ever rounder!!!!) and buffet. It was a great day - a celebration of their time at the school. It goes without saying we are incredibly proud of all of our Year 6 pupils; not just their academic achievements, but also how they have grown and matured both socially and emotionally. Put more simply, they are genuinely really nice children and we will all miss their presence around school.

I can't write my blog without mentioning our Year 5 pupils. They really have had a busy week! On Friday, they took part in an art and technology day with the High School. They made some wonderful hats made from newspaper and torches in technology. On Thursday, the pupils showcased their work in the Heber Arts Festival. They had all worked so hard on their weavings and Mrs Wakefield deseverves huge praise. It looked fantastic on display and I hope it comes straight back and goes on a wall back in school.

The week ended with the Festival of Football with St Oswalds. The big match was the Year 3 and 4 football match - the Premiership Champions Final. Win this and we would be officially the best team in the whole of Chester - no pressure then! It was such a close game but eventually we closed it out and won 3 -1. I don't think in all my years of coaching and teaching I have felt quite so nervous and tense. It was sense of real pride to see our pupils raise the trophy aloft. The first time in the school's history to be corwned Chester League winners. A huge achievement and I so proud of every sngle player that took part. A big thank you must also go to all the parents for their terrific support at all the league games. Now we go again next year!!! ( That is of course if I am still there as I'm contemplating throwing my hat into the ring for the England Manager job though!)

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