Safety Officers

Hello and welcome to our Junior Safety Officers webpage. We are Tia and Tom. Our first task was to appoint two deputies Lucy and James who will help us to deliver the many wonderful messages, competitions and events which we have planned for the year.

These pages will evolve throughout the year and will include messages about personal safety and keeping safe when you are out and about during the year.

We will discuss safety gear; helmets and seatbelts and why they are important. We will talk to you all about community safety, looking after the environment, keeping your property safe and being a Good Citizen.


Safer Crossing Places / Anti Bullying

Our first focus this month is Safer Crossing Places

We all need to cross a road at some point, whether that’s going to school, going to play at the park or meeting up with friends. However, there are dangerous places to cross as well as safer places to cross, so it is always a good idea to look for a safer place to cross. There are lots of crossings designed especially for pedestrians, which are called pedestrian crossings.

Do you know what a PEDESTRIAN is?  A pedestrian is anyone who walks. There are four different types of traffic light pedestrian crossings that use the red and green men they are; Pelican Crossing, Puffin Crossing, Toucan Crossing and Equestrian Crossing. If you don’t know what they look like, ask your parent or carer how to use them, you must always wait until the GREEN man comes on and the traffic has stopped before crossing

There are other safer places to cross that are NOT controlled by traffic lights they are: Zebra Crossing, Footbridge, Subway, Traffic Island, School Crossing Patrol (or lollypop person to you or me)

Our Second Focus this month is Anti-bullying

It isn’t nice to bully someone and it isn’t nice to be bullied. If you or someone you know is being bullied, then tell a trusted adult so that they can help.

Here is a poem, it is called I’ll be there for you

We don’t bully in our school,

Everyone is kind.

No matter what you look like,

We don’t really mind.

Everybody’s different,

And that’s what makes us great.

But we agree on one thing,

There’s no room for hate.

We try to help each other,

In everything we do.

And value thoughts and feelings,

No matter what the view.

There’s no place here for bullies,

Just friends both old and new.

With one short, simple message,

‘I’ll be there for you.

Change starts here. Change starts now. Change starts with us.



Thank you to everyone who entered our competitions and congratulations to all the winners.

Below is our Junior Poety Winner:

Be safe, be seen,

Maybe wear green,

Especilly when its autum and winter,

Be reflective and bright in the night,

Fluoresent colours are the best,

So try not to do anything less



Be Safe Be Seen and Firework Safety

Our focus for this month is Be Safe Be Seen and Firework Safety

Now that the clocks will be going back for winter we need to think about how we can all stay safe when we are out.

When you are out and about near roads it is important that other road users can see you. This is made harder when it is dark outside or the weather is bad. 

During the winter months, you are more likely to be outside in weather like rain, fog and snow when visibility is reduced.

When the clocks change and it begins to get darker earlier on in the day, it means there is more chance of you being outside when it goes dark.

So, what can you do to be safer on the roads? 

Firstly, wearing bright colours!  Fluorescent or neon colours are brilliant.

If you can, try to wear something that is both reflective and fluorescent which will make it easier to see you in the day and at night.

You do not have to buy anything special to Be Bright and Be Seen, you can put things on your bags and coats like bright stickers or keyrings, or wear a bright hat or carry a bright bag.

November the 5th is Bonfire Night and many of you will be going to see a bonfire and firework display or you may have some in your garden.

We all love Fireworks but remember to follow these important rules on Bonfire night too.

Make sure you always stand at a safe distance away from a bonfire.

Keep everyone well back from a fireworks display.

Never go back to a lit firework, even if looks like it isn't working.

Never EVER throw fireworks.

Tell the adults to keep fireworks in a closed metal box.

Remember to get an adult to check the bonfire before it is lit to make sure there are no hedgehogs or other wildlife underneath it.

Always stay with the adult who is looking after you this will help you stay safe and enjoy the Fireworks!


Be a Breath of Fresh Air

Our focus for this month is Be a Breath of Fresh Air.

For those of you who come to school by car please ask your parents to turn off the engine.

Engine Idling is when the car engine is running but you are not moving, such as waiting outside school, at a red light or at traffic lights. It doesn’t make any sense.

There are a number of reasons why you should do this. The first is the environment. When an engine is running it blows carbon dioxide into the air. This is the main greenhouse gas responsible for climate change.

The second is health. Idling makes air quality worse. Young people like us are more likely to become ill because are lungs are still developing.

The third is money. Idling wastes fuel that you have to pay for. It burns a hole in your pocket.

The fourth is Safety. With engines idling it creates lots noise which makes it harder for children to hear cars that are moving.

So What can you do?

Don’t travel by car unless you have to.

Ask your parents to switch off their engine if they are waiting longer than a minute.

Share this information with your family and friends.

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