Safety Officers

Every Year, two of our Year 6 pupils take responsibility for leading Safety within school. They will work with Cheshire West and Chester Council and Cheshire Constabulary, to encourage and persuade people to behave safely and responsibly whenever they are out on the roads, in the local community, in school and at home and on the internet. This year, Isabelle and Alex have taken on the role and will be working hard sharing the message on how to keep safe through assemblies, competitions, their noticeboard and on the website.

October Focus

The focus for this month is Be Safe, Be Seen

It is very important during the Autumn and Winter months to wear bright clothing so that we can be seen when the days are often dull and the nights are much longer.

We have a competition running over half term.

Juniors, we would like you to write a poem, rap or rhyme about why it is important to wear bright clothes during the Autumn and Winter months

Infants and Nursery, we would like you to colour in a picture in the brightest colours you can find to make them stand out.

There will be prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Best of luck.


Here is our 1st place poem from our Juniors

Be Safe, Be Seen,

Wear Yellow and Green.

Don't wear dark clothes - cars can't see those.

Dull is no use,

You'll be smushed into juice.

So if you're out in the night,

Just wear clothes that are nice and bright. 

Well done Emily, a lovely poem with an important message.

November Focus

Anti-bullying is our focus for this month. It isn’t a good thing to bully someone and it isn’t nice to be bullied. If you or someone you know is being bullied, then tell a trusted adult so that they can help.

Nobody deserves to be bullied - EVER

December Focus

The focus for this month is Personal & Community Safety

Personal & Community Safety is about keeping yourself & everyone in the community safe.    

Here are a few tips to help you;

Remember to lock doors & windows whenever you leave the house.

Don't run across roads & always take your time to cross safely. 

Always wear a cycle helmet when riding your bike & wear something bright or high visibility clothes so you can be seen.

 Remember that on icy or wet roads traffic will take longer to stop, so don’t take chances.

 When playing in snow never throw snowballs at the traffic     on the road. 

ICE = In Case of Emergency

Write ICE as a contact name in your mobile phone, adding the name & number of the person who should be contacted if you need help.

Always tell your parents or carers where you are going and when you will be back! 


January Focus

The focus for this month is In Car Safety & Seatbelts

Everyone who travels in a vehicle must use the seat belts provided or for child passengers the correct child seat.  

Once children have reached 135cm tall or their 12th birthday (whichever they reach first) then they can use an adult seatbelt. 

Remember, stay safe and always buckle up when you travel.

Use this link for more advice

The school reception area near the school office has a chart on the wall as a quick guide.

The focus for this month is Property Marking

You should mark your property so that the police can return it to you if it goes missing.

Here is some advice to help you.

Why should I mark my property? So the police will know it belongs to you if it is lost or stolen.

How do I mark my property? By using an ultraviolet pen which is invisible & semi-permanent.

Where do I mark my property? Write your postcode and your house number on the bottom or back of the item.

What property should I mark? Your bike, electrical property and anything of value to you.

Where can I register my property? Register your property free at


February Focus

The focus for this month is Stranger Danger & Internet Safety

Who is a stranger? Well a stranger is someone you have just met or you don’t know very well and whilst most strangers won’t cause any harm, remember you must always be careful.

Here are some useful tips to keep you safer:

NEVER: Go off with a stranger either with friends or on your own.

NEVER: Give your name, address or any personal information to someone on the internet or who you don’t know.

ALWAYS: Speak to a trusted adult if someone makes you feel uncomfortable.

ALWAYS: Check out personal safety and internet safety rules with your parents/carers.

ALWAYS: Have rules when you are out with friends and tell your parents or carers where you are going, who you are with, when you will be back and if you change your plans!

If you are out and about and don’t feel safe, go into a shop and tell the assistant, tell the bus driver or you could approach a group of people to ask them for help.


In an emergency phone 999 and ask for the POLICE!

If you feel you can’t talk to any one call Childline on 0800 1111 it is confidential and Calls are not recorded and the number won't show up on any phone bills. or visit their website

March Focus

The focus for this month is Safety Helmets

It is important to wear a helmet when riding your bike, scooter or skateboard to protect your head if you fall off or crash. Here are some do’s and don’ts to make sure your helmet fits you properly.

Do: make sure your helmet is the right size for your head, you can see and all around you. Make sure your helmet straps are fastened correctly and always wear a helmet even on short journeys.

Don’t: wear a helmet that wobbles around on your head or let your helmet fall in front of your eyes or have any slack or twists in the straps or let your helmet cover your ears and NEVER go out on your bike, scooter or skateboard without a helmet on your head.

It is important to wear a helmet when riding your bike, scooter or skateboard to protect your head if you fall off or crash. Here are some do’s and don’ts to make sure your helmet fits you properly.

Do: make sure your helmet is the right size for your head.

Don’t: wear a helmet that wobbles around on your head.

April Focus

The focus for this month is Being a good Citizen

To be a good citizen you should:

·Respect other people, be well mannered, courteous and polite

·Be helpful, considerate, honest & trustworthy

·Treat people all the same and listen to their views·Be able to control your behaviour even when upset or


·Show courage and determination and never give up

·Never dropping litter

·Making communities safer and nicer places to live

·Recycling waste materials

We have also launched a competition. One person from each class will be presented with The Good Citizen Award 2019. See our notice board for the winners.

May Focus

The focus for this month is Walk to School

We hope as many of you as possible tried to walk to school this week during national ‘Walk to School Week’ Try to walk to school as much as you can. If you come by car why not ask if you can park further away and walk the extra distance, it will give you some fresh air and help you start the day well.


Here is a short poem

Let’s go walking

Here & there,

Looking at nature


Let’s go walking

Off to school,

We keep ourselves safe

We follow the rules.


Let’s go walking

All of us,

Walking & talking

We won’t take the bus.

Let’s go walking

It’s fun to do,

Walking with me

Walking with you.


Let’s go walking in our street,

Why are we walking

‘It’s Walk to School Week’


One thing you should always remember to do is to follow The Green Cross Code

Arrive alive. Keep looking and listening for traffic while you cross

The Green Cross Code

STOP: Think first. Find a safe place to cross then stop. Stand on the pavement near the kerb.

LOOK: Use your eyes and ears. Look all around for traffic and listen.

LISTEN: Wait till it's safe to cross. If traffic is coming, let it pass, look all around again.

THINK: Look and listen again. When there's no traffic near, walk straight across the road.

June Focus


Our focus for this month is Bicycle Safety & Security


Here are some tips to help to keep you and your bike safe;

Make sure you secure your bike tightly with a good security lock so that it is hard to move when it’s parked. 


Always complete a five-point bike check, checking Tyres, Brakes, Chain, Lights and Reflectors before setting off.


Wherever possible use cycle routes, paths or lanes away from busy traffic.


Wear something light, brightly coloured or fluorescent in the day. At night, wear something white or reflective.


Always look all around before you set off.  Give clear hand signals and look out for obstacles in the road. 


Ring the bell as a warning to others to let them know you are approaching.


Concentrate - never use a mobile phone or iPod when cycling.


Don’t forget to wear a cycle helmet!

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