Curriculum and Planning

The Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum

"Children in the Nursery and Reception classes benefit from a well-planned and creative curriculum. They have strong calculation skills, love books and are highly communicative and cooperative. Children also have good comprehension, speaking and listening skills." OFSTED 2020

The Pre-School children at Farndon Primary School follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum (EYFS), a curriculum which covers from birth to 5 years of age, lasting until the end of the of the Reception year at primary school.

The EYFS is based on 4 principles and is made up of 3 'Prime' areas of learning and development and 4 'Specific' areas of Learning and Development. All learning is achieved through play and appropriately planned activities.

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Personal, Social and Emotional Development (Prime)

Making relationships; Self confidence and awareness; Managing feelings and behaviours

The children will be developing their confidence to talk to others when sharing their thoughts and ideas and talking about their home and community. The children will share their holiday/weekend news during carpet time and build positive relationships with each other and staff. The children will bacome familiar with each other through interactive games and they will learn each others names and the importance of being a good friend. The children will be developing their self help skills such as hand washing and pouring water from a jug to drink. The children will become familiar with the nursery routine and anticipate future events within the daily routine. The children will be learning about the importance of sharing and taking turns and demonstrating friendly behaviours in order to establish positive relationships.

Communication and Language (Prime)

Listening and attention; Understanding; Speaking and listening

We will be looking at a range of fiction books with developing attention and reacll. We will be describing the main events and principle characters within the books we read, whilst also thinking about how stories are structured. The children will be developing their vocbulary to reflect the breadth of their experiences in relation to what they know about starting school and learning new vocabluary which can be used to oragnise, shape, sequence and clarify thoughts in relation to themselves.

Physical Development (Prime)

Moving and handling; Health and self care

Nursery children will be developing their ability to use various construction materials safely and with control when building. Nursery children will develop their ability to construct with a clear purpose in mind and to join pieces together effectively to build and balance. The children will use simple tools to effect changes to materials when building and constructing. The children will be able to develop their gross motor skills within our outdoor environment using a vast range of equipment such as balls, hoops, tunnels, bikes and scooters. The children will be moving in a range of ways to develop their gross and fine motor skills.


 Reading and Writing

Nursery children will be developing their skills in early mark making and early reading. The children will begin to ascribe meaning to their marks  and begin to form recognisable letters using mark making tools to write familiar letter sounds in a range of media. We will start on Jolly Phonics sounds and enjoy nursery rhymes and songs as well as environmental sounds. 


Number; Shape, space and measure

We are introducing a number and shape of the week. The children will experience a wide variety of activities to support this, counting, ordering, measuring and describing amounts, objects and describing and learning about shape. We will read a range of counting books and learning counting rhymes and songs to help with days of the week and months of the year. 

Understanding the World

People and communities; The world; Technology

Nursery children will be finding out  about how different cultures celebrate harvest and we will study Sukkot, the Jewish Harvest Festival. We will go for autumn walks and talk about the changing weather and seasons. 

Expressive Arts and Design

Exploring and using media and materials; Being imaginative

The children will learn how to access and use the new making area of the classroom where they will explore a range of different materials. They will look at the art work of Picasso and make their own self-portrait in the style of Picasso for a classroom display. 



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