On Line Safety

As a school we take the safety of pupils when on line very seriously. Our work on Online Safety meets Article 13 for the Rights of the child which states children must be able to access all kinds of information as long as it is within the law and safe. It also meets Article 17 which makes clear that we must help protect children from materials that could harm them.

Below are websites for parents that can be accessed that give valuable advice and support on how to keep our children safe when on line:

New website to support your child for online bullying and general safety. Click on the icon below:  internet matters logo

Safe Internet Day  took place on the 11th February and Farndon did a special assembly on this issue. We hope to create a better internet together. SAFE are launching a free, dedicated and simple to use resource hub for adults, professionals, parents and carers to access everything they need when they want to understand more about eSafety.  The hub will link to advice, information and support relating to concerns about children and young people's behaviour online.

Please have a look at the  On Line Safety Policy. Any views on e-safety would be welcomed and can be e mailed to the main office or the Headteacher. Also, the Anti Bullying policy is available to down load, along with a leaflet that has been jointly written by the Headteachers of all the Headteachers in the local area.

A new concern has been flagged up recently in the media called Mo Mo that is hacking into age appropriate sites. It encourages young children to do silly things that are potentially damaging to themselves and their personal safety. Parents can download a poster giving advice on this below. 

Info for Parents on new social media called Whisper click here

Get Safe Online click here

New Parent Info guidance for online safety click here

Safety tips for parents for On-line safety and protecting children from radicalisation click here

Advice for parents on how to keep their children safe online click here

For parent information on setting I-Pad parental controls click here

For parent information on setting Kindle Fire controls click here

For parental information on safe use of social networking click here

Microsoft Family Safety click here

Norton Family Safety click here

Connect Safely click here

Parent Port click here

Digital Parenting Magazine click here

How to set up parent controls on Android click here

Futher details on safe use of the internet click here

Guide for parents on technology and children click here

Online safety website for parent: Think You Know... click here

Information on nude selfies click here

Parent Guide to technology click here

Details for Parents on the use of the Internet and Social Media sites click here

Visit the Know it All section for interactive guide on on-line safety click here

Free expert advice on keeping safe on-line click here

Free Online Safety self evaluation: click here

Online Gaming (PC, Wii, Xbox, PS etc.)

Online gaming can often be a threat overlooked by parents but everytime your child enters an online game, they are interacting with, talking to and potentially sharing information with people of all ages from all over the world. The informal and 'off guard' nature of online gaming can often put children in a position where they feel at ease with strangers and will give out personal information without thinking. Studies show that children can disconnect from the threat associated with online gaming as they don't see the connection to the real world. They simply see the voice on the other end of the headset as part of the gaming world. The website below offers some guidance on safety when online gaming.

Advice for parents about online gaming

Key Questions:

Is my child's Computer/Console somewhere where I can monitor online activity?

Does my child use a headset? If so, are the setting such that I can hear the conversation?

Do you/your child know all of their online gaming friends personally?

Are all of their online contacts of an appropriate age?

Does your PC/Console have a camera attached for video chat? If so, how do you monitor its use?




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