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Throughout the consultation process for our proposed expansion, we will be holding Open House Events at school. Some of them are required as part of the statutory consultation, others will be held because it is best practice and because we would like to! We might have something we would like to share or obtain feedback from parents, neighbours and other stakeholders in our community.

We have had one open house event so far. This was in October and was a requirement of the consultation process.

October 2016: A public meeting was held on the 11th October 2016 3-6pm at Farndon Primary School. The meeting was a drop in event and gave the whole school community of parents, children, staff and governors as well as members of the local community the opportunity to discuss the proposal with representatives from the Council.

Surveyors and architects have now been onsite and a feasibility study has been completed which shows that we can 'feasibly' expand the school within our current site.

Monday 20th February

Our core group of Governors, along with the architects and the contract administrator, enjoyed sharing with neighbours, parents, carers and other members of the community the initial ideas from the architect as to how the school expansion may look. These designs are at the pre-planning stage and are to give an idea of the position and height of the new build.

Feedback is welcomed from people who attend these sessions. The form is below for those that wish to complete this and email back to:


In response to discussions with staff and the community, the designs have been "tweaked" and we are now ready to submit to planning. The plans can be accessed below. If you have any thoughts, please complete the feedback and email it to or drop it into the school office.  

Good news: we have now gone to planning. We have included an astro-turf pitch in the planning but will need to see if we can afford this within the build project. The school's next steps are to apoint a building contractor and we will be holding interviews in the next few weeks.


We had to do some value engineering to bring the build on budget with the builders. Certain changes have had to be made which include some changes to materials used. The join between the new build and current current school has changed to a canopy structure. The classrooms within the new build will now be 57 square metres and there wil be no MUGA included on the planning application. 

GOOD NEWS! We have now had planning approved! The delays have meant that what can be done in the summer holidays is limited. The plan is to create a new pupil entrance to the left and a new car park.


The path is now in place for the temporary access and the tarmac has been laid.


Well the main build has now begun. The front of the school is now closed to allow for the studio hall and office extensions to be built. Access to school is now from the back. You can gain the attention of the staff by ringing the bell. 

The temporary boys toilets are now nearly complete. By the end of half term, brick work for hall and offices will be 66% complete. During our week off, the plan is to begin the staff room and the meeting room.


Well we are still on schedule. The front offices should be finished at the end of the term. Also, the construction of the studio will also be complete, complete with the new wooden cladding. This means that at the start of the new Spring term we will have the front entrance back!! At last! The studio hall will of course be used as a classroom for the first 2 terms. All the other internal works which included the library room, new staff room and meeting room will be completed by the end of the second week within January. 

And so in January the work will start on the new 6 classroom block. I will write to Parents at the end of term to explain how this will effect our daily routines and the pick up and drop off for the children. 


We now have occupation of the main offices and staffroom. The studio hall will be completed by the end of January and the Year 6 pupils will take ownership of that as their mobile will be removed. The front of the school will re-open to parents in February. 

The mobile is down as is the shed. The footings for the new extension have now been dug and the steel structure starts to go up soon. 


The 6 classroom block structure is now up and the concrete floor is in. 


The girls toilet has now been split into 2 separate rooms in readiness for September. The new cubicles look nice but not sure about the colour on the wall. The hall has had its first coat of paint and is already looking better.

The extension is moving on at quite a pace! Brick work more or less complete and windows go in week beginning 23rd April.Our attention has now turned to designing the new Early Years outside space.


The hall floor has had an upgrade. It has been sanded, sealed and had 2 coats of varnish - it looks fab! We have done a complete re-design of the infant classrooms. Nursery will now stay where it is. Current Reception classroom will become Year 1. The current Year 1 and Year 2 classrooms will become Reception classrooms. The new outside space is currently in the design phase and will come out from these rooms onto the new plaground. The lower playground will also have a re-design to include some natural seating and planters. 


Inside the new 6 classroom block, the internal walls are up and some rooms have been plastered already. We were lucky enough to have a guided tour and went through the fixtures and fittings. You can see the internal drawings on the document below. 


The design for the new Early Years outside space is now available. We have gone with a much more natural feel with a range of sensory and physical activities - and of course there is a mud kitchen! The 6 classroom block is now well on the way to completion. The flooring is now going in and the walls are painted. Next, is the practical area with sink, oven with a fitted induction hob and work space. We can't wait to start using this for cookery sessions. 

The new furniture has been ordered, which will be delivered in the summer. At the end of the term it will be all hands on deck! We will be saying goodbye to the Year 5 mobile on the first day of the summer holiday. 

It's the end of term and when we return things will look completely different. The Infant classrooms have been gutted. The builders have knocked through in the 2 Reception classrooms already. The EYFS outside space is underway with the pebble rock climb finished. The hall as been painted and next week the corridors will be decorated. 

Well it is finally finished and we got in done in time to open! The tarmac was laid the day before the children started. The new playgrounds are completed as is the EYFS outside space. We can't wait for the children to enjoy their new space. 

On Friday 12th October, the Lord Mayor came to visit to officially open the refurbishments and the new building. We then held an open day for the whole community where they could come in and see all the hard work we had done. Click here to read more about the day and the comments made from those who came to visit: Click here

Designs are now in for the new playground. We are looking to include a 5 - a - side football pitch, netball court, basketball hoops, seating area, golden mile track, playground markings and gym equipment. Also, quotes are in to complete the refurbishment in the corridor and classrooms to the rear of the school which we hope to complete at half term. 



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