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Following Government guidance, we are preparing to re-open to all pupils on Tuesday 2nd September. Because the Reception did not have any transition into Reception, these pupils will have a staggered return. 

Parents can access the Parental Guide from the DFE which makes clear what they can expect with how schools will reopen. Simply click on the link. DFE Back to School.

In the planning to re-open, we have completed a thorough and robust risk assessmnet which includes systems of control. They are grouped into Prevention and Response. 


1) Minimise contact with people who are unwell, ensuring that those with symptoms do not attend school for the required time. 

2) Clean hands thoroughly more often than normal. 

3) Ensure good respiratory hygiene using "Catch it..Bin it...Kill it!"

4) Enhanced cleaning, frequently cleaning contact points. 

5) Minimising contact between individuals through social distancing and keeping within their class bubble during the school day.

6) Where necessary, wear PPE where someone shows signs and symptoms or where can't maintain social distance. 


7) School will engage in the Test and Trace system. 

8) Manage confirmed cases within the school community. 

9) Strictly following the advice of the Local Health Protection Team, should we have an outbreak. 

Please take the time to have a look at the information provided by us as a school and the literature produced by the DFE and the Government. 

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